3 Essential Steps To Building a Large and Loyal Twitter Following

As an realtor marketing on the internet, you cannot afford to ignore the power of social media. Several social sites have emerged as dominant, and Twitter is certainly one of the

Twitter success for realtors leaders. Its only real competition is Facebook, and these sites are quite different so there’s room for both. You should certainly be a on Twitter if you’re trying to expand your online presence. It’s not enough to simply join Twitter, though- you also need to build up a following. But followers won’t just flock to you automatically -you have to know how to attract them. Here are three essential useful ways to do it:

Locate Trending Topics

See if you can locate any trending topics, or hash tags, that relate closely real estate topics relevant to your geographic market, or topics with a general relevance to your geographic area. When you’ve done this, join in on the conversation thread. This lets people see that you’re a real estate agent that is keeping track of what’s going on in your area. It also gives you the chance to answer people’s questions, rather than focusing on selling to them. People do notice these things and they’ll be interested to know more about who you are. You’ll bring in lots of followers who will be interested in what else you have to say.

Create a Customized Twitter Background

It’s easy to create your own branded Twitter background using any of the multitude of free resources available online (Free Twitter Designer is one of the best). You’ll immediately stand out from the crowd and make your mark with a branded background. Using the Twitter background provided by Twitter does not tell people that you are too busy to put together your own background. It tells people that either you don’t know how or you don’t take Twitter seriously enough to make one. You don’t leave your Blogging theme as the generic one do you? So why do this with your Twitter account?

Tweet Regularly

In all the fuss of trying to create a unique design, or finding people to follow, this simple truth can be easy to forget. If you never send any tweets out, though, nobody is going to follow you back. What’s the point of creating a great looking profile and following lots of other people if nobody follows you because you haven’t done anything for them to follow? It takes a bit of time to get used to tweeting, but it’s worth the effort to get used to it and tweet regularly.

We don’t have to convince you that Twitter is giant social network. There’s no reason not to leverage its power for building your real estate business. But while thousands of realtors have Twitter profiles, only some know how to get real benefits from the platform.

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