About Us

The Total Property Listing Engine is as a comprehensive training program for real estate professionals seeking to benefit from the marketing opportunities offered by social media and web 2.0. It has been designed around three central principles:

  • Principle 1: A Professional Realtor’s Interests and Expertise is in Real Estate
  • Principle 2: Your Time is Limited
  • Principle 3: Marketing Efforts Must Have Real Value. That is, contribute to meeting one of the following objectives –
  1. Lead generation
  2. Win more listings
  3. Enhance your credibility
  4. Expand your profile
  5. Asset appreciation
  6. Faster property sales

My credentials for creating this program and making the claims in the preceding pages include:

  • Over ten years as an education professional. I have extensive experience designing curriculums aimed at achieving clear objectives for my students. My degree in education has taught me how to break down complex tasks into manageable chunks suited to the wider circumstances of students (both adolescent and adult). In the course of my teaching, I have been accountable to a variety of vested interests, including state education bodies.
  • Over six years as a small business owner. I know the challenges faced by small business owners to find time to embark on essential marketing activities at the same time of managing the increased success brought about by marketing efforts. The importance of systems that can be followed by others in your organisation was ingrained in me from an early point in my business endeavours. That’s why every aspect of the Total Property Listing Engine program has the real-world needs and limitations of the business owner in mind. I ensure you know what can be systemised, delegated or outsourced – and how to do it.
  • Five years as internet marketer. I have followed closely the growing opportunities offered by Web 2.0 and increased internet speeds for making money online. I have built several businesses based on online technologies and trends. One thing I have learned is that technologies come and go and it is a BIG mistake to pin many hours of time and investment on the latest software, app. or online service. The rate of obsolescence is absolutely remarkable. I understand your interest lies in the real estate business, not the internet business, and that you need someone to be up on the latest trends on your behalf – and make sense of them for you in a way that benefits you bottom line.
  • Documentary and corporate film-maker. Your membership to the Total Property Listing Engine benefits from my experience in this area in two ways: Firstly, you can expect that much of the training will be delivered in easy to understand video format. That means that you (and your team) can see and follow along with the steps needed to initiate, maintain and expand your own Total Property Listing Engine. Secondly, you (and your team) will learn what it takes to produce high quality video products to use in your own marketing efforts.

This unique blend of experiences and talents offers you and your agency a winning formula for success.