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Protect Yourself from Social Media Upheavals

Here at the Total Property Listing Engine, we often emphasize the need to create an interlinking set of real estate marketing strategies so that, together, their combined effect produces better results for each medium. My thanks goes to Steve Pacinelli … Continue reading

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Purpose of Realtor’s Blog

Objective number three of the Total Property Listing Engine is to “enhance your credibility” as a real estate agent. As a guest blogger on, Eric Hempler elaborates quite nicely on the idea. He says: They want a Real Estate … Continue reading

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Twitter and Real Estate: Match Made In Heaven?

Many Real Estate Leads Can Come From Twitter I understand  – Twitter seems a little tedious. You aren’t the first person doing real estate to feel this way. However, there are two crucial components of Twitter marketing that many real estate … Continue reading

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Youtube as a Search Engine

Did you know what the biggest search engine after Google is? That’s right, Youtube. People all over the world, with their insatiable desire for video content, are recognizing that Youtube can be a major source of information in their lives. … Continue reading

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Facebook Paid Advertising For Realtors

The idea of paying for ads to pop up somewhere can seem a little daunting, but most real estate agents don’t bat an eye at doing print or television. Did you know that Facebook has the world’s largest user database … Continue reading

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Which Social Media is Relevant to a Real Estate Agent?

As a real estate agent, getting out into the world of social media might seem a little difficult. There’s a ton to do, and so many engines to get started on. How can you leverage social media to best benefit … Continue reading

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Real Estate Blogs Outperform Static Websites

One of the central components of the Listing Engine we promote is the real estate blog. It is connected to all other components and provides a foundation for much of the content you will use as fuel for your engine. … Continue reading

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Real Estate Website Tune Up

Thanks to the folks at for reminding busy agents not to neglect their trusty website. They highlight the following areas for possible tune-up. For the full low-down, please visit them at the link provided. IDX maximized and leveraged. Gone are … Continue reading

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Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Objectives

For all the time, energy and expense that follows serious marketing efforts, clear objectives should be in place to measure their success. It should be no surprise what the ultimate marketing objective should be for real estate agents and agencies, … Continue reading

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