Goal Setting Your Way To Socal Media Success

Whenever we enter a new year, realtors, like many professionals, often take a few moments to reflect on the year that has past and set goals for the year to come. Are you one of the many who have put mastering social media on top of your “to-do” list. I pose this question at the time of the dreaded “New Year’s Resolution”: a term I hate because it implies that the actions or changes in behavior we consider necessary require a simple change in date to make happen. It is not as if all the barriers to inaction (whether real or imagined) are going to suddenly disappear to free up time and energy so you can achieve long-held goals or ambitions.

Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions are generally recipes for starting the year with a failure because at least two things are lacking: 1. a clear set of goals, and 2. a logical and realistic pathway to achieve those goals. Both the goals and the pathway need to be realistic in terms of your personal and professional circumstances. I don’t mean to imply that goals should be set low. Setting goals high present you with a stimulating challenge are important and the pathway you create requires the breaking down of that goal into smaller, achievable goals. To me, the often-repeated quote by Anthony Robbins,

“we often over-estimate what can be achieved in one year, but under-estimate what can be achieved in ten”

says much about the high failure rate of New Year’s resolutions. Think about the positive changes your life has seen in the last ten years: the progress, the successes, the joys, and ask yourself how much of that was predictable ten years ago.

If we now take Robbins’ quote and apply it to the goal setting of the typical realtor seeking to master social media networking to generate more property listings, we might paraphrase it to say: “we often over-estimate what can be achieved in one week, but under-estimate what can be achieved in one year.” The fact that you’re reading this post lets me feel comfortable in  making the bold prediction that you will join thousands of other realtors around the world resolving to get better at, and more involved in, social media to generate more listings and faster property sales. I feel confident in saying that because all major sources of research into small business intentions with regards to internet marketing point one way: more resources and engagement with social media. (See here for some statistics on internet marketing intentions).

Well, sorry to say this, but “to get better at, and more involved in, social media…” isn’t a clear goal; nor does it offer a logical and realistic pathway to achievement.

The best chance of dominating your local real estate market through social media networking require 1. sitting down and writing your goals and 2. mapping out a pathway to achieve them. To accomplish the second part effectively, it worth noting some general principles concerning the way we learn (and these principles are supported by the highly-regarded 4MAT curriculum design system).

4MAT Instruction Delivery Model

4MAT Instruction Delivery Model

Firstly, there are different kinds of learners which means some people learn better by reading or listening or doing (physical learners) or viewing (visual learners). Best learning practice takes into account all of these styles to provide an effective “mixture” of learning experiences.

Secondly, becoming proficient in a particular skill or highly knowledgeable in a particular subject involve moving through distinct phases, although there may be overlap between each. These phases are:

  1. Foundation
  2. Development
  3. Consolidation
  4. Extension and Refinement

I expect that these phases are fairly self-explanatory, but I want to offer you more than just words to get you underway. When you download the Social Media Curriculum Planning Template you will receive further guidance on how to fill it out with your specific circumstances in mind. Investing a little time on this plan can save you many wasted hours of directionless internet searches.

It seems that these days access to the internet is all THE CONTENT you need to learn just about anything. However, you still have to set realistic goals and map out at least some sort of plan to ensure you can take advantage of that content.

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