Is Twitter relevant for Realtors?

As we will see, Twitter is relevant for realtors seeking to widen their profile and extend their influence. But, to be honest, of all the social media platforms looking for our attention, Twitter is probably the one that least excites realtors as a marketing tool.

After all, what can be meaningfully said in only 140 characters? Still,It’s true the early years of Twitter did tilt towards inane updates like “I’m having a refreshing ice coffee by the beach” or “My train is running 15 minutes late.” Over recent years, though, the Twitter platform has matured into a legitimate and powerful networking tool. Now that it has passed the 300 million registered users mark it is certainly a mainstream social networking platform with daily tweets more than double daily facebook updates. Statistics also reveal that over 50% of users engage with Twitter at least once a day and 24% check in multiple times a day. Although these all equate to staggering numbers and I’m sure you just want to know, what can it do for me?

Why is Twitter Relevant for Realtors?

Probably the most important aspect that makes Twitter relevant for realtors is the ability to build a dynamic and active network. From this network you have have access to a great deal of intelligence about what is happening in your real estate market and are in a position to capitalise on potential sales opportunities. Twitter is also great for spreading the word very quickly about your other social networking efforts. Just written a blog post? Tweet it and get a buzz happening around it straight away.

All of this does not need to be overly time-consuming. But finding real opportunities from Twitter requires a clear understanding of the way it works and how it is used by most of its users. It is not good enough to say tweets are a simply shortened versions of what is posted on Facebook. Twitter is a unique communication platform that needs a particular mindset and set of specific skills to get the most out of it. And there are powerful strategies that can speed your way to being influential on Twitter and spread that influence to the real world.

As an ambitious real estate broker, your aim with Twitter should be to create a powerful network of individuals able to help you on the road to dominating your real estate market. Done right, your Twitter efforts will be helping you accomplish these goals:

Realtors goals for Twitter efforts


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