Protect Yourself from Social Media Upheavals

Here at the Total Property Listing Engine, we often emphasize the need to create an interlinking set of real estate marketing strategies so that, together, their combined effect produces better results for each medium. My thanks goes to Steve Pacinelli at for reminding me that there is an element of prudence in this rapidly changing and evolving internet environment. That is that the big, hyped up platforms like Twitter and Facebook can easily pull the rug from under you, leaving you floundering if much of your efforts were centred on one platform or another.

Email, Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, Google, SEM, SEO, phone calls, QR codes, texting and print (yes I said it) all need to be used in conjunction with one another to drive people to your home base, which is your self-hosted blog.  That is the only thing that you control!  If Twitter goes away tomorrow and you use other mediums to communicate with your audience, you will still be fine.  If email communication stops working because people are sick and tired of being “dripped on” you’ll be ok.  You cannot afford to put all of your eggs in one basket.  I know there are some really cool Facebook page creation programs out there that do some amazing things, but if your website doesn’t look and perform up to snuff, you need to start there first!  Mark Z[uckerburg]. can make any change he wants at anytime and this could negatively impact your business if you are running it off of your fanpage.

…Real estate is no longer a short term transactional game, but a long term relationship building process that relies on your web presence more than ever.  Your self hosted blog is the only thing that you can have almost 100% control over.  That is where your time needs to be spent first.

I agree 100% that your blog needs to be the foundation of your social media strategy. From it you can incorporate the current trends, while it has been proven flexible enough to incorporate future developments with ease.

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