Purpose of Realtor’s Blog

Objective number three of the Total Property Listing Engine is to “enhance your credibility” as a real estate agent. As a guest blogger on techsavvyagent.com, Eric Hempler elaborates quite nicely on the idea. He says:

They want a Real Estate Expert, not a sales pitch…The biggest thing I think a blog does is build credibility. A Realtor website alone is just a resume and it doesn’t tell the reader you know and understand market conditions. The advice articles you write on your blog along with your Real Estate experiences drive home the fact you’re a Real Estate Expert and can provide unparalleled advice.

When you see Eric’s own blog (http://www.erichempler.com/) you can see he has given much thought to the type of content he includes to satisfy the needs of buyers AND sellers, as well as how to keep people coming back. In summary, he includes:

  • Market Statistics
  • Popular Search Terms
  • Life as a Realtor
  • General Musings
  • Area Events

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