Realtor Attitudes To Social Media

We can at last reveal the results of a recently completed survey into the attitudes held by real estate agents and agency executives towards social media marketing.In total, 80 realtors from three modern, western and English-speaking countries were telephoned and surveyed.

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Certainly this drive is resulting in a gradual change in behaviour. Already, 63.6% of real estate executives surveyed have stated they have either stopped or reduced their print media advertising – and this at a time when (in the last three years) 50% have increased and 36% have maintained their marketing budget. This begs the question: where is the extra money (that is not being spent on print advertising) being directed?

While a little over half the respondents to the survey being real estate executives, one question was directed specifically to brokers: they were asked: “Do you promote yourself professionally on social media networks independently from the agency you work in?” In one of the biggest surprises of the survey is that 83% of agents admitted they did act independently. And yet, in a related question to executives, it was thought by 68% of managers that “less than 50%” of their brokers promoted themselves independently from their agency. This reveals a gap between perception and reality among real estate executives; a gap that is perhaps partly explained by the next finding.

86% of the executive respondents said their real estate marketing activities did include social media. Yet in another question exactly zero executives stated they DID NOT engage in any social networking sites for what was called “professional reasons.” This puzzling difference indicates there is a percentage of brokers who don’t see their professional networking on sites like Linked In as being part of their “real estate marketing activities.”

It appears that the networking on Linked In (which 90% of executives say they currently use) is not always considered social marketing. This is a shame because successful social marketing IS networking and involves engaging on multiple platforms in order to interact with clients and potential leads where they feel comfortable hanging out online.

What do you think about these statistics? Do they seem to match up with your perception of attitudes out there?

See here for full Realtor Attitudes to Social Media infographic


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