Twitter and Real Estate: Match Made In Heaven?

Many Real Estate Leads Can Come From Twitter

I understand  – Twitter seems a little tedious. You aren’t the first person doing real estate to feel this way. However, there are two crucial components of Twitter marketing that many real estate agents forget about when creating an account.

One is community. If you’re trying to brand locally, Twitter gives you an excellent opportunity to connect with other businesses and collectives – and in turn, potential clients – in your town. Tweet about events, even events you’re putting together, and use Twitter to connect with people in your town.

The second is chat. Twitter is a great way to put a thought out there, and then respond to what someone else in your town or industry is saying. This is how you build connections and relationships with other professionals – and make your services known!

If you think the whole thing still sounds frivolous and a drain on your valuable time, take comfort in the fact that there are tools that can streamline the process and maximise the effect. Like so many social media outlets, there are best practices aimed at avoiding common pitfalls and leveraging your efforts to bring in those leads; after all that is the ultimate aim, right? These best practices are part of the real estate social media marketing training offered to members of Total Property Listing Engine. Come pay us a visit, or do a search on this blog for “Twitter” to find out more.

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