Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Objectives

For all the time, energy and expense that follows serious marketing efforts, clear objectives should be in place to measure their success. It should be no surprise what the ultimate marketing objective should be for real estate agents and agencies, because it is the same for all commercial enterprises: more income (agents) and more profits (agencies).

So that is the simple answer. But let’s dig deeper to define marketing value and therefore determine if your marketing efforts are generating that value. If you are spending your valuable time on a Facebook page that has only a couple dozen fans, with no strategy to increase engagement, you wasting time propping it up because it is not delivering on the ultimate marketing objective ($$$).

At  this point it is worth breaking down the ultimate objective into smaller, more usable objectives. Objectives that need to focused on whenever considering any new marketing strategy. You need to satisfy yourself that all of your marketing efforts, online and offline, are working to achieve one or more of these objectives:

  1. Lead generation
  2. Win more listings
  3. Enhance you credibility
  4. Expand your profile
  5. Asset appreciation
  6. Faster property sales

As you look closely at this list you will see there is overlap between some objectives and all of them lead to the ultimate objective: more cash in the bank. You can that the earlier case of a Facebook page with few followers meets none of the objectives. Not only is it unhelpful, it can in fact be detrimental. Potential clients may visit your Facebook page, see that it offers little to engage users and so form the conclusion you haven’t the social media skills needed in the modern market help sell their house.

The Objectives for Real Estate Marketing page will give you a deeper look at each of these objectives.



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