Which Social Media is Relevant to a Real Estate Agent?

As a real estate agent, getting out into the world of social media might seem a little difficult. There’s a ton to do, and so many engines to get started on. How can you leverage social media to best benefit your real estate business?

1 . Understand the purpose of social media in the property market

The number one mistak e real estate agents make when it comes to social media is expecting sales to increase immediately. You have to understand that direct sales are not the purpose of any social media campaign, regardless of your industry. The idea is to increase your brand profile – and by this, I mean you want to give people the opportunity to get to know you, your real estate business, and the value you provide beyond what your competitors can give clients.

By putting yourself out there, you’re giving people in your service area the opportunity to know you. Buying real estate is a huge decision, and they’re going to look at all the avenues to find out more about you and your reputation. The purpose of social media is to help a client understand more about you, and to know that you’re the best choice for buying property.

2 . Know your target demographic

Who are your customers, exactly? If you’re selling commercial property, a social media network like LinkedIn might be a better option for you. LinkedIn is a B2B network that will allow you to meet and make connections with business people. If you’re targeting residential buyers, Facebook pages might be better for you. Twitter can get you set up with a strong local presence.

There’s no perfect way of doing this, and many methods can work. You have to determine your target demographic, and figure out which engine they’re on.

3 . Show them what they want to see

Your social media presence should reflect whatever aspect of your professional self that your clients need to see. If your clients need to see you in a starched shirt and business suit, any pictures, videos, or branding materials you put out there should reflect this. If your clients are easy-going, reflect this. If you’re selling to families, consider putting pictures of your family on your site, or social media profiles. Give clients what you think they want to see, and they’ll respond by trusting you to deliver what they want to buy with a good experience and good service.

There is no one-size-fits-all social media strategy– you just need to understand how it can best benefit you and your real estate business, and how to leverage it in a way that builds a relationship of trust with clients.

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