Youtube as a Search Engine

Did you know what the biggest search engine after Google is? That’s right, Youtube. People all over the world, with their insatiable desire for video content, are recognizing that Youtube can be a major source of information in their lives.

Now, I know many people frown on the idea of video advertising – there’s definitely a little time and work involved. But if you learn how to use Youtube as a Search Engine for your real estate agency, you can get a lot accomplished.

Start by using key marketing terms – your city name, your name, your business – as the title and tags of your video. The more videos you create and the more you optimize your channel with great keywords, the better chances you have of getting to the top of Youtube for your real estate agency.

A big component of the Total Property Listing Engine training program is all about using video in various ways to drive leads – from buyers as well as sellers. It’s easier AND more powerful than you think.

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